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Emmaus Acres KY

Louisville, KY, USA


Homestead and Farm


Finally!!! A pig for our homestead that I love!!!

I've raised 3 different feeder pigs on our land and I can honestly tell you they are such a headache for me.  I've had them break through fences, uproot my pasture, and stink up the place.  Not to mention they are a little scary when they are hungry.  But because we do like our bacon and sausage, pigs will always be a part of our homestead.

I did some research and found this breed.  KuneKune pigs... I was a little skeptical when i was told they are grazers and not rooters (is that a word?) so I bought a piglet who will be my breeding stock and a pregnant sow.  I wanted to experience the farrowing with a sow who had experience.  My sow Ginny was a joy!!!  She taught me a lot.  April 27, 2019  We have our first litter.  8 piglets.  All double wattled (peri peri).  

Kereopa / Mahia Love Bloodlines


Our Great Pyrenees are 100% farm guard dogs.  They have never set foot in the house.  They live in the barn and guard all our animals.  We have not lost a chicken since they've been with us.
Mom and dad come from farms.  Guarding the flock is in their blood.  My dogs are purebred Pyrenees working dogs.  They are not registered and that makes no difference to me, as long as they do what they are bred to do.  They are very sweet and loving but can be intimidating because their size and bark.  
We do breed them.  They breed on there own terms.  I try not to interfere with the natural course of life.  From birth they stay in the stall and has complete access to the chicken pasture.  We do this because it is harder for dogs to guard chickens, they would rather play with them.  So our pups are exposed to the chickens from birth 




Nubian Goats

Our Nubian goats are brush eating machines and milk producers

Our Sheep

We raise St. Croix and Katahdin Sheep